MitID Erhverv

MitID Erhverv is the digital identification solution for companies, associations and authorities in Denmark.

What is MitID Erhverv?

MitID Erhverv replaces NemID medarbejdersignatur. Administration will be easier and it will become more flexible for employees and representatives to access digital public self-service solutions.


MitID Erhverv is for all companies, associations and authorities with users who need to access public self-service solutions and sign digitally with MitID.

All organisations that use NemID medarbejdersignatur should move to MitID Erhverv now.
You can transfer all users and their rights to MitID Erhverv. In this way, the users have the same accesses as they have today, e.g. to read Digital Post or report maternity leave.

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News: Foreign users can access MitID Erhverv on 21 September 2023

How to get MitID Erhverv

To get MitID Erhverv, you will have to connect your company or association to MitID Erhverv and set up your organisation.

The connection process is the same if you previously had NemID medarbejdersignatur or you have a newly formed company or association.

Prepare your organisation before you connect

Your organisation may have to prepare before connecting to MitID Erhverv.

Prior preparation may help you avoid manual processing time when connecting to MitID Erhverv.

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Are you unsure whether your company or association needs MitID Erhverv?

Are you already connected to MitID Erhverv?

If you are connected to MitID Erhverv, you can log in as a user or administrator.

If you are not registered as a user then contact the user administrator in your company or association.

Log on to MitID Erhverv

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Do you need help?

Find the answers to your questions and step-by-step guidance to MitID Erhverv.

Advanced functionalities

Some organisations may need advanced functionality in MitID Erhverv.

E.g. a local IdP (local identity provider) which will enable your organisation to issue local authenticators to your users.