Administrator roles in MitID Erhverv

In MitID Erhverv, there are various administration tasks for example, creating users, assigning MitID authenticators e.g. the MitID app and rights to public self-service solutions.

Therefore, it is possible to limit what an administrator can do in MitID Erhverv. One person can also have multiple administrator roles.
It is the organisation administrator who can give you the admin roles in MitID Erhverv.
If you are created as a user in MitID Erhverv, you can see the user administrator in the activation email you received.
If you only have one organisation administrator and he or she is no longer in your organisation, you can appoint a new one.

A management representative in your organisation can appoint the new organisation administrator. The management representative logs in to the connection flow. It is the same link as where the management representative connected your company or association to MitID Erhverv.

It is recommended that you have several organisation administrators in MitID Erhverv to avoid beeing left without administrators.