About MitID Erhverv

MitID Erhverv is for companies, associations and authorities in Denmark.

MitID Erhverv has replaced NemID medarbejdersignatur.

As a company, association or authority, you need MitID Erhverv if you have employees or members who access private and public self-service solutions. For example, read Digital Post or report illness and maternity.
You manage your users, assign rights and grant powers of attorney in the same solution - MitID Erhverv.

With MitID Erhverv it is more flexible for employees and members to log on or sign digitally on behalf of the company or association.

Decide how your users log in

MitID Erhverv provides several alternatives when the users in your organisation have to log in and sign digitally.

It is up to the individual organisation to select the option best suited for its user’s needs.

Read more about logging in with MitID Erhverv

Roles in MitID Erhverv

There are different roles in MitID Erhverv. Organisation administrator, user administrator, rights administrator and user.

It is up to the individual organisation to decide who should be the administrators. You can read more about the different administrators roles and how to assign them to your users.

Read more about the administrator roles in MitID Erhverv 

Rights and powers of attorney

If a user has to report e.g. maternity leave or illness, it is necessary to assign special rights to the user. Rights to public digital self-service solutions can be assigned to users in MitID Erhverv.


Most organisations do not need certificates.

Read more about what you can use certificates for in MitID Erhverv. It could be secure e-mail or system integrations for MitID Erhverv.



Get to know the price of the different services in MitID Erhverv.

  • Administration, e.g. by user creation
  • Separate authenticators, e.g. if a user needs a MitID code reader on behalf of the organisation
  • Certificates, e.g. if your organisation is in need of user certificates or organisational certificates
  • Normal or advanced support