Rights and power of attorney


It may be necessary for a user to have rights to access or do specific things in some digital self-service solutions. E.g. if a user has to report maternity or illness.

The rights are assigned to the user in MitID Erhverv. The rights administrator in MitID Erhverv assign rights to the user.

As a user, you have the opportunity to request the rights. The rights are granted when the rights administrator has approved the request.

The basic package contains the most used rights. It is a good starting point for users with general, public administrative tasks. There are also more specific rights that can be assigned to users.

If multiple users are in need of the same rights, it is advantageous to create a user group. Then the users are gathered in the user group, after which the right is assigned to the user group rather than the individual user.

Power of attorney

A power of attorney can give another CVR number access to report digitally on behalf of your company, association or authority. The power of attorney applies to business-oriented self-service solutions that require special rights, e.g. when illness or maternity must be reported.

The organisation administrator can create a power of attorney. The power of attorney can be given to a CVR number or to a specific person. It is also possible for the recipient of the power of attorney to request the power of attorney in MitID Erhverv.