User activation

If you choose to import users and administrators who currently have a medarbejdersignatur, you must remember to activate the users. Only then the users can act digitally on behalf of the company or association.

When your company or association is connected to MitID Erhverv, and has been in through the setup process, the users can be activated in MitID Erhverv. It is a user administrator in your organisation who activates the users.
You can choose to either activate your users individually or several users simultaneously.

You can see the users you have imported under the "Imported users" tab in MitID Erhverv. Once you have activated the users, you will be able to see them under the "Users" tab.

When you activate the user, you must choose how the user should log in in the future. At the same time, you can assign rights to the user if the user e.g. should be able to report maternity or illness. If the imported user already has rights appointed, the user will keep these.

Once you have activated one or more users, they will receive a link with an activation link that they must follow to activate their user.
When you log on to MitID Erhverv for the first time, you must use your private MitID.
It is necessary to identify you.

Logging in with your private MitID can be compared to turning up physically at a citizen service center to get a passport, or having to show identification when starting at a new workplace.
If your administrator has activated your user, but you have not received an email with an activation link, you must contact your administrator, who will be able to resend the activation email to you.
If your organisation has allowed employees to request to be created as a user in MitID Erhverv, you can search for your organisation and request access via the business administration module. 

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