Advanced support
In need of support for advanced functionalities in MitID Erhverv?

Organisations using advanced functionalities in MitID Erhverv will primarily find relevant information and guidance on this site and through the pre production environment. 

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If your organisation is still in need of help for advanced functionalities and technical support in relation to the setup and integration to Local IdM, Local IdP or certificates, it is possible to contact Nets' supportteam - at a cost. 

Advanced support is offered within the following areas: 
  • Local IdM, including:
    • IdM and certificate API
  • Local IdP
  • Certificates and qualified certificates, e.g.:
    • System
    • Seal
    • Signature

Prices for advanced support

Request advanced support

Using the following link, you can request advanced support:

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In need of standard support?


Most users can find the necessary help and guidance through the regular support channel.

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