Access to digital self-service solutions

Some digital self-service solutions require that you have special rights. For example, if you have to report illness or maternity leave on behalf of your organisation.

It is the rights administrator in your organisation who can grant you the necessary rights. You can also request the rights by logging into your user profile in MitID Erhverv.
When you connect to MitID Erhverv, it is possible to move your users from NemID medarbejdersignatur to MitID Erhverv.

If the organisation has chosen NOT to move users, all users will lose rights and accesses that they had previously, e.g. to Digital Post and NemRefusion.

Therefore, remember to move (import) your users and administrators if they are to continue to have the same accesses as they have today.

The accesses are associated with the ID number (RID number) that is on the user’s medarbejdersignatur. If the administrator in MitID Erhverv chooses to create the users as new users instead, they will not have access to e.g. Digital Post.
Yes, you can log in with your NemID medarbejdersignautr until NemID medarbejdersignatur closes.

Also if your company or association has moved to MitID Erhverv.