Get started with MitID Erhverv

You should connect your company or association to MitID Erhverv if you have users who act digitally with MitID on behalf of the organisation, e.g. read the organisation's Digital Post, report maternity or illness or log into other public self-service solutions.

If you are the only person who act digitally with MitID on behalf of your company or association, you can most often use your private MitID (MitID private for business). In this case you do not need to connect your company or association to MitID Erhverv.

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A management representative or a reporter in your company or association can connect your organisation to MitID Erhverv. 

In the connection process, a management representative must sign terms and conditions and appoint an organisation administrator who is responsible for the further setup of your organisation in MitID Erhverv.

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A management representative in a company is a member of the management. This will typically be a fully responsible participant; owner of a personally owned company, a director or a member of the executive board.

Associations and voluntary associations can register an association representative who also acts as a management representative.

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A reporter is a person in the organisation who is not a management representative. A reporter can be anyone in the company or association who helps out in connecting the organisation to MitID Erhverv.

A reporter can be a person with administrative tasks in the organisation. For example, it can be a NemID administrator, who should be an administrator in MitID Erhverv in the future.

The reporter cannot connect the organisation to MitID Erhverv alone, but can help prepare the connection, so that the management representative only has to sign the connection agreement with MitID.

When you log on to MitID Erhverv for the first time, you must use your private MitID.
It is necessary to identify you.

Logging in with your private MitID can be compared to turning up physically at a citizen service center to get a passport, or having to show identification when starting at a new workplace.

When using your private MitID, you use the same MitID (user ID and authenticator e.g. MitID app) when you log in as a private person and business user.

When you use a separate MitID, you have one MitID for private use and one separately for business use. When you use a separate MitID, you also have a separate user ID.

Your private data and your organisation’s data are always separate. No matter which solution you may choose.