Foreign employees

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Foreign employee in your organisation can be created as MitID Erhverv users

Here you can find information on how to create foreign users in MitID Erhverv.

Foreign users in MitID Erhverv are users who do not have a Danish CPR number (social security number), but who need to act digitally with MitID on behalf of a Danish organisation in Danish self-service solutions.

Foreign users need a private MitID without a CPR number to be created as a MitID Erhverv user.

It requires that the organisation where the user is to be created is connected to MitID Erhverv. Therefore, your organisation should first connect your organisation.

In addition, it requires that:

  1. the foreign user gets a private MitID without a CPR number,
  2. a user administrator creates the user in MitID Erhverv,
  3. each user activates their MitID Erhverv user.

1: The foreign user gets a private MitID without a CPR number

Steps to get a private MitID without a CPR number

To be created as a user in MitID Erhverv, it requires that the foreign user has obtained a private MitID without a CPR number. The private MitID cannot be used to log in on behalf of the organisation.

The private MitID can be used to activate the user’s identity when the user activates his/her MitID Erhverv user.

In order to get a private MitID without a CPR number, the user must, among other things, have a valid passport or ID card containing a chip. The user must also have a phone that can scan the passport/ID card.

Check your phone – it is necessary to have a phone that can scan your passport/ID card.

See technical requirements for your phone/tablet at

Check that there is a chip in your passport/ID card – it is necessary that your passport/ID card has a chip in it. It can confirm who you are.

See requirements for your passport/ID card.

Check that the expiry date of your passport/ID card is not exceeded

If you don't have a Danish CPR number, you need a P-code – an 8-digit code to verify your identity when you activate the MitID app. Contact the MitID support + 45 33 98 00 10 to get a P-code. It is the individual user who needs to call the support. Another person, for example, an administrator in the organisation cannot call the support.

  • Download the MitID app where you download apps (App Store or Google Play).
  • Open the app and start activation.
    • Enter P-code.
    • Choose if you have a passport or ID card.
  • Confirm your identity with passport/ID card and use face scan in the MitID app.
    • Find the page with your passport photo. Or the information page on your ID card. Scan the code with information on your passport/ID card.
    • Read the chip of your passport/ID card with your phone by placing the phone on top of your passport/ID card.
    • Scan your face with your phone (in the MitID app) – this is to ensure that it is you who are using your passport/ID card.

Read a detailed guide on how to scan your passport/ID-card and use face scan

See a detailed guide on how to get private MitID without a CPR number with a passport/ID card at

2. A user administrator creates the user in MitID Erhverv

Steps to create user in MitID Erhverv

Once the foreign user has acquired a private MitID, the user can be created in MitID Erhverv by a user administrator in the organisation.

It may be a new user being created. Or it may be a user imported from NemID employee signature that is to be activated (if the organisation has chosen to import its users and associated roles and rights, e.g. to report VAT (moms), maternity leave or refund when the organisation was connected to MitID Erhverv).

A user administrator logs on to MitID Erhverv.

Log on to MitID Erhverv here

  • Create a new user: Press ‘Create new user’ under the Users item on the left-hand menu.
  • Activate imported user: Select the user(s) you wish to activate under the Imported Users item on the left-hand menu
  • Enter user information, such as the full name as shown on the user’s passport, email and date of birth.
    • If the user has special characters in his or her name (e.g. é, ü), the administrator should translate them into simple characters (A-Z) when entering the user’s name. This means that an Ø is translated into OE. This minimises the risk of errors when creating the user. The user’s name with translated special characters can be found in the user’s passport by looking at the code line on the photo page of the passport.
  • If the user is imported, some information may already have been retrieved from NemID medarbejdersignatur (employee signature). Make sure the information is correct.
  • Select that the user must log in with a separate MitID for business use – and select MitID app.
    • The foreign user cannot use their private MitID to log in on behalf of the organisation.
    • If the user wants to log in with e.g. a MitID code display, audio reader or chip as separate MitID for business use, this can be assigned and ordered to the user after the user is activated. But to begin with, the MitID app must be selected.
  • In addition, choose whether the user should have special rights, e.g. access to report illness or maternity leave. If the user is imported from NemID medarbejdersignatur (employee signature), the administrator does not need to assign the rights again. The user has the same rights as before.

If the administrator has created the foreign user as a new user, an 8-digit temporary password will be displayed in MitID Erhverv. The code must be delivered safely to the user. The user must use the code to activate his/her user.

3. Each user activates their MitID Erhverv user

Steps to activate your MitID Erhverv user.

Once the user administrator has created the user in MitID Erhverv, an automatic activation email will be sent to the user with an activation link. Then each user can activate their MitID Erhverv user and subsequently activate their business user in the MitID app.

  • Open the activation email, click the activation link and start activation.
  • Log in with your private MitID to verify your identity – use the private MitID without the CPR number that you created in the first part.
  • The digital activation process starts.
  • New user: Enter the 8-digit temporary password that you have been given by your administrator.
  • Create a MitID Erhverv user ID. You will enter the user ID every time you log in with MitID on behalf of the organisation.
  • Enter your mobile number and get a validation code that you then enter.
  • Choose whether you want to activate your MitID Erhverv user in the same app as your private MitID. Or whether you want to use a MitID app on, for example, a work phone.
    • If you choose to have multiple users in the same MitID app, face ID and fingerprint cannot be used to open the app to authenticate with MitID – but only the PIN code can be used.
  • Finally, a summary page displays your selected MitID Erhverv user ID as well as an activation code. You must subsequently use these informations to activate your business user in the MitID app.
  • Download the MitID app on your phone/tablet or open your existing app where you have your private user.
  • Choose to activate with activation code (and NOT with passport/ID card that you used to activate your private MitID user in the app).
  • Enter MitID Erhverv user ID and activation code (which is on the summary page of the activation process).
  • Select a PIN for the MitID app that you use each time you open the app to authenticate with MitID. Subsequently, you can choose to use face-ID or fingerprint to open the app, unless you have both your private and business user in the same app.
  • The MitID app is now ready for use, and you can log in with MitID on behalf of the organisation.

Foreign management representative?

It is not possible for a foreign management representative who does not have a CPR number to use a private MitID without a CPR number to connect an organisation to MitID Erhverv.

In these cases, the organisation must be connected by a ‘reporter’ in the organisation who has a CPR number and a MitID.

Read more about how to connect your organisation with a management representative without a CPR number and MitID