Step 3: set up framework

Once you have connected your organisation, your organisation will have to be set up in MitID Erhverv.

Once you have connected to MitID Erhverv, the organisation must be set up, which means that the organisation administrator will have to make a number of choices about users and frameworks.

Watch the video: How to create the setup in MitID Erhverv

Please note that the video above is in Danish.
Log in with your private MitID

Once you complete the connection flow in MitID Erhverv, the selected organisation administrator will receive an e-mail with a link to setup.

The organisation administrator must log in with their private MitID to identify themselve. That is, in order for MitID Erhverv to identify who the individual is.

The organisation administrator will then be guided through the settings for the organisation and the decisions you have to make in this regard.

Once the setup of MitID Erhverv has been completed, it is the organisation administrator’s responsibility to manage the settings in MitID Erhverv.

Read more about the organisation administrator's tasks

Import administrators and users

If your organisation needs to move from NemID medarbejdersignatur to MitID Erhverv, you can import administrators and users.

In the setup flow, the organisation administrator has the opportunity to initiate an import of users and rights from NemID medarbejdersignatur.

The organisation administrator can choose to import the following data:

  • All existing NemID medarbejdersignatur can be imported and created as users in MitID Erhverv, but in disabled mode. The user’s RID number is also imported. In this way, users get their rights and powers of attorney from the user administration at Virk with them.

  • Administrators can be imported and created as users in MitID Erhverv. The organisation administrator can choose which administrators from NemID medarbejdersignatur and the user administration should be included. In addition, what roles they will have in the future in MitID Erhverv.

  • Information about the organisation can be imported. These are EAN numbers, information about your use of corporate and feature signatures (VOCES and FOCES) and billing.

The organisation administrator will be notified both by e-mail and notification when the import of users and administrators is completed.

Read more about the different administrator roles in MitID Erhverv

Choose how users should log in

It is the organisation administrator who chooses which MitID means of authentication the organisation will offer your users

You must, among other things, decide whether users should be able to use their private MitID or whether you want your users to use a separate MitID for Erhverv. It is also possible to choose both.

A MitID identification is a MitID app, chip, code viewer or code reader. A MitID identification is used by the user to log into public self-service solutions and to sign documents digitally.

Read more about MitID authentications and how to log in

Remember to activate your users

If you move from NemID medarbejdersignatur to MitID Erhverv, remember to activate your users before they can act digitally on behalf of your company or association. You activate your users in MitID Erhverv once the setup is complete. It is a user administrator in your organisation that activates users. It is possible to enable users individually, in groups or as a whole.

When the user administrator activates users, the administrator must also choose how users should log in, e.g. with private MitID or separate MitID solely for Erhverv.

Once the administrator has enabled the users, each user must log in with their private MitID and activate themselves. The user must also activate the MitID identification means e.g. MitID app or code viewer that the administrator has associated with the user.

Read user activation guides in MitID Erhverv
Watch video: How to activate your user in MitID Erhverv


Frequently asked questions

When you log in to MitID Erhverv for the first time, you will have to use your private MitID. You have to do this in order for the solution to be sure that it is you who is trying to log in.

Logging in with your private MitID can be compared to appearing physically at citizen service to get a passport, or that you need to show identification when you start at a new workplace.

It is your management representative or reporter who has appointed an organisation administrator. If you don't know who the organisation administrator in your organisationcis, start by asking your user administrator.

MitID Erhverv replaces NemID medarbejdersignatur. Therefore, all organisations using NemID medarbejdersignatur must move to MitID Erhverv.

All newly established organisations that have users who have to act digitally on behalf of the organisation must also be connected to MitID Erhverv. This could be if you have users in your organisation who have to act digitally on behalf of the organisation, for example to read the organisation’s digital mail, report maternity leave and illness or log in to other public self-service solutions.

If you do not have any users, but only you have a need to act digitally on behalf of your company or association, you can use your private MitID (MitID private for business).

Read more about MitID private for business

No, users in your organisation can use different means of MitID authentication to log in on behalf of your organisation.

In this way, for example one user can use their private MitID app (if both the organisation and the individual user have agreed to it) and another user can use a separate MitID code display.

It is up to each organisation to choose which separate means of MitID authentication such as the MitID app, code display, audio code reader or chip that the organisation will offer its users.

The same user can also use several different means of MitID authentication at the same time.

Contact your user administrator if you have any questions about how to log in on behalf of your organisation.


If you only have one organisationadministrator and they are no longer in your organisation, you must appoint a new one. A management representative in your organisation can appoint the new organisation administrator. This should be done via the connection module.

Start the connection module here

It is recommended that you have several organisation administrators in MitID Erhverv, so that you avoid being shut out if an administrator stops.

How to get MitID Erhverv

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Step 2: Connect

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Step 3: Set up framework

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